Amazing deal on Siser HTV on Amazon

Multi-color bundle of the best HTV

Bundles are a great way to get lots of different colors for a good price especially on Amazon! Since most of the time Siser Easyweed comes in standard sizes the main one being 12” x 15” we are going to calculate out how to find the best price per sheet/roll. I like to keep my price point at three dollars but if I get it for less I get excited, most of the time through Amazon I end up getting it for less per sheet than other places especially for the bundles.

(Make sure to pick the one that is shipped by Amazon not the one that says just launched, just in case!)

So this bundle right here has 12 sheets at the standard 12“ x 15“ The bundle at this point in time is $24.27 for 12 sheets we are going to divide that $24.27 by 12 to get our price per sheet

$24.27/12=$2.02 per sheet!! How amazing is that

Here are a few things I have made with Siser heat transfer vinyl.

Popsicle Koosies
Easter baskets
Canvas bags
Best htv ever!

Looking for Adhesive Vinyl? Check out another great deal on Amazon HERE I use this stuff all the time and it’s seriously the best!

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3 thoughts on “Amazing deal on Siser HTV on Amazon

  1. Go to the dollar store and pick yourself up a roll of clear shelf liner. I can t believe I haven t seen this hack on Pinterest more. I have been using this as my stencil vinyl AND as a transfer tape. AND it s gridded for easy line-up. I use a cricut explore Air 2 and the setting I use for this stencil is Paper+. You get a massive roll and it works flawlessly. I almost cry thinking about how much money I save. Going to check out your links for vinyl for when I m not stenciling my designs, but whenever I m in the dollar tree I clean them out of this every single time! Good luck crafters!!

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