Best Inkjet Printer to use with your Cricut

Print and cut

Print and cut is probably one of my favorite things you can do with a Cricut. You can make stickers and all types of labels on sticker paper. Then there’s also printable vinyl Which is awesome for projects that would otherwise be too detailed. Lastly there’s printable heat transfer vinyl which is literally a vinyl you can print on and iron onto a shirt!

With all these different print and cut options having a good inkjet printer is crucial. You want a printer that will take sticker paper since some printers get jammed up with it. Then it also has to have those crisp neat lines, since no one wants a fuzzy design. It also has to be reliable and dependable, working every time no hiccups. For me personally it NEEDS to be wireless, I work exclusively from my IPad and iPhone.

From the research I did there was one that stuck out to me as being exactly what I wanted. As far and quality, dependability and WiFi connect-ability it is perfect. The Canon Pixma TR8520 is amazing. It is wireless, can handle different paper weights and the quality is impeccable.

I’ve had my PIXMA for a few months now and I am still in love with it! I get perfect results time and time again, no connectability problems still. That alone is amazing with my track record of failing printers. This was my first ever Canon and it has been such a blessing.

Canon inkjet printer ink

So as far as this inkjet printer goes the ink is just as costly as the rest in my opinion. I don’t want to go off and tell you that it’s super cheap when it’s about the standard cost. Though I will say that I am still on the same cartridge that came with the printer. (it is running low but still going) I have printed a TON of stuff on it too. One thing I do like though is that you can replace a single cartridge color and not have to replace them all at the same time and the printer still runs.

If you’re curious about what sticker paper I use, check out The best sticker paper to use with print and cut. Having great sticker paper is just as important as having a great printer.

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