How to Clean my Cricut mat CHEAP

Cricut mat cleaning

Crafting is expensive, and we all know it but don’t admit it to ourselves. Kind of reminds me of that meme that says “why buy it for $7 when I can make it for $50” When it comes to my Cricut mat, in the beginning I was just replacing them When it wasn’t sticky anymore, are until I realized why not just wash them?

I remembered when I was younger and I played with those sticky slappy hands. The ones that got dirty and I sticky really quick. To get them to re-stick again all I had to do was use a little soapy water and then let it air dry. But before I wanted to try the same concept with my Cricut mat, like everyone else in the world, I googled it.

It seemed as if people had already tried and succeeded just using soap and water among other methods. This seemed like the cheapest option and since I had everything to do it already at home and nothing to lose since I planned on throwing the Cricut mat out anyways, I tried!

It worked!

Guys, it worked! And it was so easy to do. There’s no perfect recipe that I had or followed, I just grabbed a bowl put some warm water in it and a little squirt of dish soap. I used plain old blue Dawn for reference. And scrubbed that baby with an old toothbrush I had laying around.

After I scrubbed my Cricut mat and got all of the dust and fibers from various projects off of it I shook it to get the bulk of the water off. Then I just hung it up on a pushpin I had in the wall and let it air dry. I figured if I used a towel or paper towel it would get more fibers on it so hang drying seemed like the best option.

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Comment below if it made your mat like brand new! Or any other mat cleaning tips you have.

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