How to connect cursive fonts in Design Space

Can’t figure out how to connect cursive fonts?

I love fonts, so much so that I hoard them. Cursive, bold, fun, skinny, scary, silly, loopy, there’s a font for every occasion! This being said, learning how to connect fonts was one of the first things I learned after I realized that the letters didn’t automatically connect. I learned that there are two different ways to accomplish this the first one being letter spacing (preferred for print) and the second (and preferred for cursive fonts) the ungrouping method. 

Letter spacing method

Preferred for print 

This method just reduces the amount of space between letters and works great for getting print letters closer together 

Start off by tapping text

Next you tap on the Edit tab

Swipe left until you find Letter Space and tap on it

It will bring up this number block where you can manually enter a number or click on the – which reduces the space between the letters slowly until you get it to where you want it to be.

And there you are, these letters ended up being 0.4 by the time I got them to where I wanted them.

That’s it for this method, keep reading for the second

Ungrouping letters method

Preferred for cursive 

This method works perfectly to connect your cursive letters by ungrouping them and lining them up perfectly

Start off by tapping text

Then you are going to type out your word

After your word is types out you are going to tap on Actions

You are going to have to swipe left a few times until you get to the end of this menu and find Advanced, tap that.

With your word HIGHLIGHTED tap on the Ungroup Letters option

if Ungroup letters option is not available then click on word and try again!

Then one by one you are going to move each letter exactly where you want it to be

Once your word is exactly like you want it you’re going to highlight the whole word again and under the Actions tab, tap Weld

Now, if once you hit weld this happens don’t worry, it just means your letters are a little too close and the need to be separated just a little bit.

At the bottom of the tabs there’s an undo button (I use it often) tap it and rearrange your letters.

You might have to weld and undo a few times until it’s just right

You mastered how to connect cursive fonts! Now you have a couple new skills to add to your Cricut knowledge bank!

Need a canvas to practice your newfound skill? Check out this huge list of CRAFTING BLANKS

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8 thoughts on “How to connect cursive fonts in Design Space

  1. I really appreciate the step by step!! I feel like such an airhead: after I ingroup and space the letters the way I want them how do I highlight the whole word on iPhone? I can’t get to weld bc of this😫😫

    1. The same way your would on a computer. Tap toward the top right corner of your design and drag your finger down until your whole design is selected 😊

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