Save Stained Clothes with HTV

I had this idea to cover up a stain with HTV, Genius right!

We were at the pool this morning when I looked down and saw the bleach stain on my favorite pair shorts again. It happened a few months ago and I was SO mad. It just had to happen on my favorite pair, of course right! Well, I just kept wearing them despite the stain them being the best shorts I own and all.

It kind of hit me in a moment, why not put a little vinyl design OVER the bleach mark? So, I went to my Facebook Group Cricut Chaos (join us!). I shared this picture asking for inspiration and said I wanted something simple.

The suggestions I got were flower, bee and mandala designs. I liked all 3 ideas. Great, now what? I started with the flower idea and searched through a bunch of files I already owned and found one that I had gotten as a freebie a while ago. Check out the Daily Commercial Use Freebies! The particular flower I decided to go with was from a collection of designs called Chantelle Flowers, aren’t they pretty?

There are a ton of arrangements and single flowers in this set it was hard to narrow down. As I sifted through them, one single flower stood out. Once I picked it out I went through my Scrap Binder and found two colors that would complement the shorts perfectly.

Both layers of HTV

Gold and Cream HTV

I went with a gold for the outline and a cream for the petals, both HTV pieces were Siser Brand. First I pressed the outline, and then the petals.

Cute HTV flower

It shifted under the Heat Press a little when I pressed down because I was trying to hold the shorts and press by myself. I should have asked my 9yo to help. Overall though the end product turned out amazing and am so in love!

From a further back distance I can definitely see myself adding more flowers to offset the single flower on one side of the shorts. I will update if I get more flowers added!

Have you ever covered up a stain with HTV, or any other ideas to cover them up, leave a comment below!

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