10+ tips for taking your kids hiking

Ever wonder is taking kids hiking was possible?

I’m here to tell you that it totally is, and I do it by myself with my three kids hiking on a regular basis. My husband isn’t much of a hiker he comes with us sometimes but for the most part I just get the itch then pack up and go. Over the years there’s a few regular things that I do to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Beautiful place to take your kids hiking
Chalk Ridge Falls- Belton, Texas


Pack lots of water, even if your kids don’t drink water regularly you can bet they’re gonna say they’re thirsty not five minutes into the hike.

Dress appropriately

Make sure everyone going is wearing clothes suitable to the area you’re going. Have some good tennis or hiking shoes for you and your kiddos To ensure that no one slips and falls unnecessarily. In our case on today’s hike we just were flip-flops since it was only a half a mile to the waterfall and Grandma came with us.


I don’t know about your kids but my kids are always, always hungry. We just went on a hike today and right when we got to the waterfall my youngest asked where the snacks were even though we had just had a huge lunch. 


Do your research before hand, make sure the trail you plan on going on is kid friendly. Another thing to check is that it’s actually open, sometimes trails clothes for various reasons it’s no fun to get all prepped and ready only to get there and it be closed.

Sun coverage

Make sure that if light sensitivity is an issue with you or your kiddos, that you have hats and/or Sunglasses ready to go. 


Make sure you pack or put on sunscreen before you leave. Even an hour into your hike the sun, you can end up like a red lobster. 

Weather check 

Check the weather before you go. Some days seem like it’s going to be nice and then it ends up pouring halfway through your hike. Or it gets way hotter than you anticipate and the kids don’t last as long as you think they would because they’re overheated.


If you go to a stream or waterfall on your hike, you’d better bet your kids are going to want to jump in. This is especially true on a hot day. Make sure you plan accordingly by packing a small light towel for them to dry off with before they get in the car.

First aid kit 

Pack a small first aid kit, you probably won’t need it. But like I always tell my kids accidents don’t happen on purpose. It’s always best to be prepared for the worst. 

Extra Clothes

I was have my kids pack extra clothes in case we can counter a stream or waterfall which is often in our area. I never actually packed them in my backpack they just get left in the car so they can change before we go. No one wants to sit in wet or sweaty clothes on the long drive home. 

Check the trail map

At the beginning of most hiking trails there is a large map that shows you different ways the trails can take you. Make sure that you pick a trail that suits your family’s capabilities and distance. 

10 tips for taking your Kids hiking

Would you take your kids hiking?

The main key to taking kids hiking is to be prepared. Know what may happen and have a plan for when/if it does

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10 tips for taking your Kids hiking

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