Before School Routine For Kids

Before school routine for the ages

Our before school routine has been absolutely amazing as of late. Check out what I implemented with my family that seems to work great! No matter what message you use definitely picking stick to one! Having some kind of guidelines as to what they need to do definitely helps.

What our old before school routine looked like

Mornings in our household used to be super stressful. No one had clothes on they wanted to wear. Shoes were of course nowhere to be found, like ever, and breakfast was always a challenge. Since I became a working mom A couple years ago, I had to figure out a good system that worked for both me and my kids. Especially since Dad is up and out of the house hours before were even up, that meant it was all on me.

They used to be this big ordeal, struggling through the morning. Trying to get the teeth brushed, the hair brushed, the kids fed with lunch boxes in their backpacks, and of course the shoes on their feet.

What our current before school routine looks like

I guess ingenuity comes out of desperation because that’s where I was at. Desperate for a better approach to our morning routine. I just HAD to find a way to get things done. It had to be consistent and was easy to follow. That’s when one night it just came to me I’m going to write down everything that had to happen in the morning down in my notes on my phone. It had to be easy to follow since my youngest was 5 at the time. Since the baby as I call him couldn’t read yet I added emoji’s which I swear is a universal language.

I added everything that needed to be added, personalized to our family’s needs. It was all done in notes on my iPhone. I’ve printed it out and put it on our pantry door.

Before school routine

This method has worked exceedingly well for my family. For reference my kids are now 10, 7 and 6. When I forget a step, they just go look at the chart. If I catch them on their iPads before everything is done I tell them to go check the chart before they can get back on. The motivation doesn’t have to be a tablet, that’s just what works for my kids it can be changed to whatever meets your family‘s needs.

Another non-DIY method for your routine

I found this super cute before school routine chart on Amazon and loved how simple it was, it also included pictures just like my version.

What method do you use?

If this isn’t the approach that you take to your morning routine, let me know what works for your family. I’m always down to try something new!

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