Cricut project: Wagon Personalization

A fun Cricut project idea for this summer!

Cricut Project Idea

Last night I was drifting away thinking about summer plans, sun tans and pools opening. I remember thinking that I need to dust off the wagon for the summer and spruce it up a bit before hitting the pool. An idea came to me, another Cricut project idea. I am going to add a decal to my favorite wagon. I mean a decal everything else, so why not my wagon?

Picking a Design

I woke up this morning ready to go, I knew I wanted to make it clear that this was OUR wagon but in a cute way. I went through all my fonts that I had uploaded to my Fontcloud (read more about what the Fontcloud is and does HERE) and decided to go with Night in Kansas and make a simple design. We have boys too so I didn’t want to do anything too girly. Property of the Smiths, seemed reasonable enough right?

So this is what I came up with. I absolutely love how it turned out! I used Oracal 651 (permanent vinyl)

To get this stuff for super cheap (like .50 a 12x12sheet cheap!!) check this bundle out HERE

Cleaning the Wagon

After I got my design all cut and ready to go I had to clean off the wagon tray. Lord knows that tray was filthy! I got out my alcohol and cotton circle and wiped it down real quick.

Centering my Design

Now to get it centered it in between the cupholders, it was pretty easy and I just eyeballed it. Now, I absolutely loved how it turned out and we went to the pool like five minutes after I finished.

Looks great, but needs something extra!

The whole time we were at the pool I was thinking about my wagon and how I liked it BUT it was just a little plain. It needed color and a little pizazz!

Summer SVG Bundle

Adding more Designs

Then I remembered that I got this Summer SVG Bundle last month. I wanted to add a couple extras to my wagon and really make it stand out! The kids help pick a couple designs from the bundle and I actually just used scraps that I had in my 3 ring A5 scrap journal. (Best scrap storage idea EVER btw.)

Scrap Vinyl Binder

Here are the two files I used on my Cricut Wagon Project. I picked these two since they matched our summer vibes.

Finished Cricut Project

Isn’t it Beautiful

If you like these files, they come from the Creative Fabrica website who also offers DAILY FREEBIES!! These freebies are free for commercial use as well. Check out today’s freebies HERE

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