DIY Fire Starters

DIY fire starters are so much fun to make! Since we’ve been stuck in the house me and the kiddos have gotten a little creative. We’ve done all sorts of Fun Activities for Kids and even some Backyard Activities for Kids just to keep them from going stir crazy. 

super simple Diy Fire starters are so much fun to make. make these fire starters with your kiddos for a fun diy project and to have outdoor fun together

Don’t ask me why but I’ve been literally hoarding dryer lint. I legit have two FULL grocery bags of the stuff. I guess I figured that something could be made out of it like paper maybe? Today was the day for my mountain of lint to shine. Along with lint hoarding I’ve been saving toilet paper rolls because there’s SO many crafts that you can do with them. 

Since the weather has been a little chillier lately, the idea to make fire starters popped into my head this morning. My 10yo daughter was super excited to help me make them and jumped on the opportunity. She is a really hands on type of kid.


How to make the DIY fire starters

First you are going to fold in the edges of one side of a toilet paper roll. It does not have to be all that fancy you just don’t want the lint to come out the end. You fold one side of the tube halfway, then fold the other side the rest of the way. Our DIY fire starters come with a little Baxter hair our Australian Shepherd from the lint trap. It is what it is.

Next you’re going to get your wax melted. I had a bunch of old wax melt cubes that I didn’t use anymore that I used first. When I ran out of wax melts I used my big bag of wax. Any wax works though so You stuff you already have around first to lower expenses. I use a wax melting pot since I already had it but you can use a regular pot and double boil your wax in a stainless steel bowl.

The last step is to pour wax inside of the lint filled tube so that it saturates it all. You may be able to shove a little bit of extra lint in there and fill it with a little bit more wax. It can be really packed in there. Make sure you leave some room to fold the other end of the tube down though, otherwise you will just have open tubes.

Once they are filled up with the wax and lint just fold the end of the tube over again just like you did in the first step. You’re done! That is really all there is to it.

Looking for more fun things to do with your kids?

This project can be done by yourself or even with your kids. Kids love helping with projects especially when its totally hands on. Check out more ideas for Activities for Kids at home or Backyard Activities.

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super simple Diy Fire starters are so much fun to make. make these fire starters with your kiddos for a fun diy project and to have outdoor fun together

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