DIY Mom shirt | How to Layer heat transfer vinyl

Layering HTV is so much fun on this DIY Mom shirt!

I am going to walk you through exactly how to layer HTV for your very own DIY Mom shirt from start to finish using your Cricut and working in Design Space. If you already know how to make your design in Design Space scroll down until you see the “Applying your Design” heading.

Creating your design

First up you will need a cute font for the background word. You are going to want this font to be a bolder font. I picked a free font called Foo for my shirt, it is big, bold and really fun!

Once you have picked out your font, you are going to want to write out your back ground. For me it’s Nom, but it could be Momma, Mama, Grandma, Nana, Mimi, Whatever word you want. That’s the whole point it’s personalized!

This part is kind of optional, but I prefer it this way. These letters are a little too spread out for me. So, I wanted to reduce the amount of space in between them for my design. To do that you are going to tap edit tab and then tap on Letter Space

Once you tap Letter Space this little Keypad will pop up. You want to hit that minus button until your letters are spaced to where you want them.

Yay, look at that spacing! No comment next you are going to want the proper width for your shirt. The standard is about 9 1/2 inches so that is what I am going with. To get there you stay in the Edit tab and then just tap on Width.

The get it to look proportional you’re going to want to tap that little lock button in the middle. It should come out looking great between 3-4 inches tall!

Now that your background word is all done, it is time to start those babies names. My “babies” are 9, 7 and 5 but you know what I mean. For these I used the I Love Glitter font. (if you need help downloading fonts on your IPhone or IPad click here)

After you pick the I love glitter font (or font of your choice). Type out your names, if you need to add lots of names just do multiple rows to get them all to fit. To get that hollowed out heart you are going to use the _ to get that effect and if you want the filled in heart you are going to use the|

See how all these cursive letters are not connected? Most cursive font come this way, but there is a fix. You are going to tap the Actions tab and then Advanced.

With your names selected, tap on Ungroup to Letters

The topping on ungroup disconnects all of the letters So you can individually move them to exactly where you want. I like to zoom in really close so I can see exactly what I am doing.

Here’s what it looks like about halfway through connecting all the letters. Once you get them all connected go to action tab and then tap Weld. This will keep all the letters exactly where they are. (If some of the insides of the letters get filled in as well, check my more in-depth post on connecting cursive letters Here.)

Lets change the top layer into a different color so it is easier to work with. This way it cuts two separate colors. Tap the Layers tab at the bottom and that will bring up a side panel, tap on your Welded Image

Change the color to any other color. This is not the color that my vinyl will be but it really doesn’t matter.

We can see our top layer a little easier now. Click on those two little arrows And move it to the same length as your background word. In my case it’s the 9 1/2 inches.

This is what it should look like next, nice and centered and exactly the same links. The names do look a little small though, let’s see if we can fix that.

Tap on that little block. You want to unlock it so you can make the height a little taller without making it any wider.

It doesn’t show in this picture but I just dragged that little arrow on the right side down a little to make it wider. There we go! Go ahead and tap Make It on the bottom right corner.

Tapping Make it is going to Bring up this new screen. This next step is very important, you want to tap on that little calendar looking tab on the top left. This is where you are going to mirror your design. You always have to mirror when you are working with heat transfer vinyl. (unless your HTV is printed, that is the only case that you do not mirror)

Now tap that calendar looking button, it will pull out a menu on the left side. The mirror button need to be on. If you don’t your design will be backwards on your shirt.

Time to load up your vinyl, I use Sister Easyweed it seems the be the best! make sure it is shiny side down!

Do a dial check! I still forget to check sometimes, don’t be like me, check your dial.

Now, you’re already to go! Tap the continue button at the bottom right, mine likes to make me select an accessory every time.

Now the green arrow on your Cricut is going to start flashing. Hold your mat up and push the arrow that’s flashing. Once it grabs hold of your mat push that cute little button Cricut C that’s now flashing.

Time for our second color, load it up!

Make sure that you mirror your names.

While your names are cutting weed out your design using your weeding tool. I like using my BrightPad but a light will do as well

Get your heat press heating up it will take a couple minutes. While I highly recommend getting a heat press for pressure, even heat and the timer (and I definitely recommend mine, you can see my review of it here) an iron should do the job, you will just need a TON of pressure!

DIY Mom shirt

Applying your Design

Woohoo, the names are done cutting let’s weed this thing!

Okay, So I learned this recently and it’s a lifesaver, weed out those tiny little pieces BEFORE you take off the bulk of it. It didn’t make sense to me why you would do that until I worked with a piece like this.

If you take them out after, all those little pieces end up sticking to your transfer and it’s a pain to get them all off.

Both layers are weeded, go check on the heat press

Set the heat press to 320. Next, pre-press the shirt to get all of the moisture out. 10 seconds will do, this helps your design to adhere better, with less chance of pealing later on.

Get your design on straight (this is my least favorite part, I am a little of a perfectionist and re-align it multiple times before I deem it perfect) The rule of thumb for placing designs is three fingers down from the collar, and then, you know, centered.

Get your shirt on your press and try to get it to where the seams are not on the plate, they can make it so that you don’t get a good press.

Now press for 15 seconds at 320 degrees

Right when you open up the heat press, take off the top plastic, this is called a warm peel and seems to work best for me.

Next you line up your names right through the middle, or however you choose, and press for another 15 seconds.

Once you peel up that second layer, sometimes it presses that sheet into your background and indents it a little. That’s an easy fix though, I just do one more press for 15 seconds with a Teflon sheet.

You did it! One last note I’d like to add: look at this next picture, there is a square in the shape of the heat press, it is fine! I got scared the first time, but it will fade after a few minutes don’t worry!!

This DIY Mom shirt turned out amazing 😍😍😍

DIY Mom shirt completed!

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