How to add glyphs into Cricut Design Space using an iPhone

Have you been wondering how everyone is getting all those adorable swooshes from their fonts on to Cricut Design Space from your iPhone? I’ve got you covered! This process is as easy as 123!!

What are font glyphs?

A font glyph is an individual character, it could be a dingbat (fun little drawing) a punctuation mark or my personal favorite, one of those fancy swoopy script letters.

In the picture below of one of my favorite fonts Bohema Spirit, the letters at the top are not encoded and are readily available when you download the font but the ones in yellow are PUA encoded and only available when you follow these steps.

Don’t know how to even get fonts onto your iPad? Check out my post HERE for a step by step guide.

Get these glyphs in Cricut Design Space

What tools will we be using?

You will need a few tools to to get your glyphs into Cricut Design Space, I wish it was a little simpler and did used to be before the latest update BUT I am still glad that there even is a workaround being that I ONLY use my iPad and iPhone with my Cricut.

You will need Fontcloud which is a free online font manager. This font manager is going to help you access glyphs encoded in fonts that you can’t access on your device. You can also see a word written in all the fonts you own all at once! There’s no app for Fontcloud (yet anyway) but it’s easily viewable on your device through Safari.

Step 1

Get your Fontcloud account and upload font/s you want to use in Cricut Design Space

You can get a free account by signing up HERE

Step 2

Copy glyph by tapping on it once

Step 3

Paste glyph in Cricut Design Space in a text box

It truly is as easy as 1..2..3..

If you are a visual person like me watch the video above, it’s less than 5 minutes long and was only my third take🤦🏽‍♀️. The first time I tried making the video my kids school called, the second time my husband called and the third time, this time at the very end my daughter yelled NOO as she was entering my room for whatever reason. I was just about done so I stuck with this one 🤷🏽‍♀️

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