How to download fonts to iPad or IPhone for use in Cricut Design Space (with pictures)

Quick and easy way on how to download fonts to your iPad or iPhone. Once you do it the first time you should have it down pat!

Step One

You need to get a font installer app, The one I use (and I exclusively use my iPad) is AnyFont, it is $1.99 but definitely worth it since there will be no ads. Other apps work similarly for free with ads, such as iFont and Fonteer which lets you install a few but then has you pay $1.99 for more.  With AnyFont you can install almost any TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) font easily. 

Step Two

Once AnyFont is downloaded if that was your app of choice hop on over to one of many font platforms. Creative Fabrica probably my FAVORITE place to get fonts and SVG files since even their free ones have a Commercial Use License. We’re going to download this free font of the day called Agency Script. Tap on Free Download right there in the middle

Font Banner - Free Fonts

After you click download this screen will pop up And you want to tap on “open in AnyFont”

If it doesn’t pop up on the to there you are going to want to tap more

Once you tap ‘more’ you will see AnyFont in there, you may need to swipe left a little if it is not in that first set of apps. Now tap on it.

Tapping on it will open your new font in AnyFont where you can download it to your IPads system

Your fonts will display in alphabetical order and be in that left bottom category ‘install own fonts’ tap on your new font

In the top right you can preview your new font if you waist first but to download you are going to want to tap on that big box in the middle of

Tap allow on the top right corner

Tap install and then it will ask you to put in your password

Tap next again

Then tap install

Install again

Last but not least Done!

Step 3

Open up Cricut Design Space and tap on text (if you had design space previously close the app down first then open it back up, it resets the fonts)

When under Text click on System it will bring up your system fonts

Yay! You just downloaded your first font!

All downloads should work the same but if you have any questions about how to download fonts comment below! And make sure to subscribe for more tips and tricks in the future!


Now that you’ve got your fonts downloaded, you may want to use all of the glyphs that came with them. You know the cute swashes, swirly’s and hearts. Learn how to do that HERE

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