How to make Mom Friends

and why you need those Mom Friends in your life

So, you need to make more mom friends? Girl I’ve got you! Being a military wife has been an adventure, but part of that adventure revolves around old friends moving and having to make new friends often. This is kind of where I’m at again. In the military lifestyle it seems like every three years or so I have a new set of friends. It is awesome though because I have met so many amazing women, but also rough because I miss them all so much. Most of my friends have moved from this area and it’s time to start over again, which is what prompted this post. Thinking about meeting new friends and missing the old.

Get out of the house woman! 

As I’m going along writing this page, towards the bottom I realized most of everything I’m going to say revolves around this main point. You need to get out of your comfort zone and get out of the house!

I know it can be awkward and uncomfortable and for some people. It may not come as easily for you as it does for me now (This is a skill I learned and practiced). I used to be shy and only talk to people I already knew. But moving away from home at 19 and pregnancy with my first at 20. I didn’t want to be so lonely. I love my husband but having a girlfriend to talk to is the best! Having adult conversation after being with kids all day every day is a necessity and is so beneficial to your mental health. So, below I’m going to list PLACES that you can go to meet other moms friends. 

Meet up groups

First up, check this out, seriously in your area there are tons of other moms waiting to be befriended. Outdoorsy moms, crunchy moms, Netflix moms, drinking moms, stay at home moms, working moms. Whatever type of mom you are guaranteed you can find a mom like you. Real talk, no one can only talk to their kids all day and still be sane. I love my kids, I love my kids something fierce. But there is just something about talking to another woman that just gets you and your ups and downs that is simply amazing.  Websites like Meetup may be popular in your area or even Facebook! You can even write your mom bio, no joke I’ve seen it! Doing that would even help you filter through and find people that read it and think yes “this is my person”. 

Lateral thought here 

Why hasn’t anyone made a mom ‘dating’ app? You know like tinder but for moms to make new mom friends, how lovely would that be. Pretty sure that if that was a thing whoever made it would make bank, just saying. If I made a mom bio I think mine would look something like this:

Name: Talia

Age: 30

Kids: girl 9, boy 7, boy 6

Interests: crafting, inappropriate jokes, Amazon, staying active, cake, Netflix

Parenting style: laid back but doesn’t take crap

Least favorite chore: never ending laundry pile 

Seeking friend who loves laughing hard, down for adventures and likes sonic slushees

Every parent parents differently but finding The perfect mom friend can be a lifesaver, and trust me you’re saving her life, her sanity and her children too. 


I don’t know what it is about Chick-fil-A but around 9-10 o’clock in the morning nearly every morning it is packed with moms and kids. Maybe it’s that they have delicious food, maybe it’s the free Wi-Fi and and the fact that you can plug your phone in, or maybe it’s the seemingly soundproof play room I don’t know. Whatever it is Chick-fil-A is a great place to meet moms, no joke! I have a few contacts in my phone saved Amy Chick-fil-A and Jessica Chick-fil-A just so I remember where I met them. 

A Playground 

I know, it’s hard to get out of the house with littles but let me tell you it can be done and it is beneficial for both your kiddos as well as your sanity. I can’t tell you how many Mom friends I’ve made going to the playground and just talking to mom’s. All you need is a conversation starter, I mean you already have one big thing in common right? Being a parent automatically connects you to this community of people who just understand how awesomely chaotic the world of parenting can really be.

When we first moved here after we were all unpacked, I would take the kids to the playground. Every time I saw another mom with kids out there! That’s how I met my first friend in this area. We started talking about her baby and then how her birth went and then her other kids. Then my kids and then ourselves and our journeys and became Besties.

Home Depot workshops

Did you know that the first Saturday of every month Home Depot does free workshops for kids. They can build Fun little projects and we usually see the same families there every month. I know these are my kind of people because they’re out of the house and doing something with their kids. It’s easy to connect with them and it’s a fun little community to be a part of.  

Organized sports

This is not a route I have taken simply because with my work schedule right now, I don’t have enough time to put my kids in sports. Sad Face. I would love to do one day though!  Growing up however all my cousins and brother were in sports (not me I’m 0% sporty). I would attend often though and my aunt knew literally everyone and had SO many mom friends. It was also great for me as a kid because since she wanted to hang out with her mom friends. I got to hang out with my friends all the time as well! There is such a tightknit community revolved around organized sports. You instantly have something in common with all the moms there, you are All rooting for the same team.

At the gym 

A lot of gyms these days have childcare, which means a lot of moms are out there bringing their kids to gyms every day! Again, if you enjoy going to the gym chances are the other moms that are they are also enjoy going to the gym and you have an instant friend and maybe even a new gym partner as well, it’s a win win! 

Community events

A lot of communities these days throw events year around I remember growing up we always went to the Fourth of July parade and the whole community came out and got to know each other.  In our area, this month the community is planning multiple Trick-or-Treats in different parts of town which we will definitely be attending and the best part, they’re usually always free! So get out into your community and meet a mom friend!

After school

If your kids are at school aged chances are you always see those moms standing outside just talking to one another. Letting their kids play for a while. I still do that, I have met So many amazing women through my kids. Next time you pick up your kids from school, stick around for 10 minutes. Talk to the first mama you see, chances are she needs a new Mom friend too. I met one of my very best friends after school at the playground. We met three years ago, her family has since moved to Hawaii but we still FaceTime and text often!

Your Neighborhood

Now this may sound weird to some but I have literally made mom friends with my neighbors. At every place I have lived the last few years. We Bought a house and moved across town a few months ago. From day 1 I would see my neighbor a couple houses down sitting outside in a camping chair, while her son was riding his skateboard. After getting settled in one day I got the kids outside literally brought a chair and sat next to her and started talking to her, now I sit and talk to her every evening.

Since then I know almost my whole side of the street. After getting settled in, one day I got the kids outside and literally carried a chair, sat next to her and started talking to her, now I sit and talk to her most evenings. (She also bring me eggs from her chickens often!) Since then we know Almost everyone on our end of the block. Even my husband woodworking in the garage all the time made a Dad Friend. Mr. Joe has also been my husbands barber for a few months now.

I am sure that there are a TON more places to meet new mom friends. Where do you plan on trying next? 

I know life happens and you can’t get out of the house all the time. Check these Activities for Kids at Home so you can at least keep them occupied.

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