How to use the Slice Tool in Cricut Design Space

Have you asked yourself how to use the slice tool? Then you’re inter right place, the slice tool is a very powerful tool! With the slice tool you can completely change a shape, slice a word out of a shape and even make your own split monograms like you see all over Pinterest! 

Step One 

Open Design Space

Easiest step right? We’ve easily done this 1,000 times at this point. If you’re just starting out it’s the Cricut app, just open that baby up! 

Step Two

Pull up a Shape

Once you have Design Space opened, we’ll just pull up a simple shape. Let’s go with a circle for this tutorial. 

Step Three

Pick a font a write a word

I’d say this is simple enough, but I have THE hardest time picking the perfect font. I do have a few go-to’s like Bohema Spirit. However for this tutorial I used the font Hot Deals

Here is a video tutorial if you are more of a visual person!

How to use the Slice Tool

Step Four

Layer your TWO Layers

This is really important. For Cricut Design Space to recognize that you want to use the slice tool, you can only slice two layers. If you try to place more than two layers it will not give you the option to slice at all.

And that’s it, you can use the slice tool for many different projects. Just make sure you remember that you can only slice two layers. You can however slice two layers and then slice your new design again and again and again but only two layers at a time.

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