Using your iPhone calendar to the fullest

Having 3 kids and a husband in the military, events can happen without even realizing that you missed them. Actively using my iPhone calendar has changed my life! I have always thrived when I have a clear set schedule knowing exactly what is coming next.

How to use your calendar in 2020 to make life run smoother. Calendar ideas to add to your iPhone calendar. Add movie nights, set reminders to get tasks done and schedule kids activities. #planner #activities #kids #calendar

What types of things should I add on my iPhone calendar?

Birthdays of course!

Nothing like a good reminder for an upcoming birthday. We all know you use Facebook as a reminder anyways.

My Dads birthday is one I always forget the day of. Before you judge it’s only because my great grandpas was the day before or after (there’s the problem). So, one was on 27th of September and the other one was on the 28th. Thanks to the calendar that stays on repeat I never forget, it’s the 28th.

Zoom Meetings

Add scheduled Zoom meetings to your calendar. Whether it be for work since most are working from home these days. Or school meetings with your children’s class meetings and parent teacher meetings.

Facetime Calls

This may sound strange but I add a weekly Facetime call in my calendar to call one of my best friends who moved away two years ago. Being in isolation as of late, it is crucial that we stay connected, without the reminder I am more likely to forget to call. Life just gets in the way sometimes.


I can’t be the only person to forget a doctors appointment or a dentist appointment here or there. Granted, I may want to forget about that dentist appointment.

Pay Bills

No bills left unpaid with this friendly reminder. Mine is set to remind me on every first and 15th of the month. In the notes area on the calendar event I add exactly which bills are to be paid and from whose account.

iPhone calendar pay bills event

Here’s an example of what the first of the month looks like for me. I’m the one between me and my husband who gets all the Bills paid on time. It’s all thanks to my calendar skills too!

Monthly Chores

For this one I don’t add daily chores, that would be way too much. Laundry and dishes would be on there every day. I don’t need to see all that negativity.

The chores I reserve for my calendar are things easily forgotten;
Changing the air filter
-Reverse osmosis water filter (yearly)
-Refrigerator filter (6mo) -Detox of kids clothes and toys

Your significant others schedule

This is a really big one for us because my husband is in the military. He goes to trainings regularly, so often that I can hardly keep up. He used to get frustrated with me no remembering, but in my defense it’s a lot to remember. So now the first time that he tells me that he’s going to be gone for a week or two I put it into my calendar right then and there.

Kids sports or school events

Our kids are not in sports at the moment but just with school events it can be a lot to remember. Fundraisers, reading events, Olympiad’s and meet the teacher. All of this is on my calendar.

Planned days off and Vacations

I work in a school district, so generally I know the days off just because everybody is talking about them until they get here. But it doesn’t hurt to have one on the calendar just in case. You know so you don’t wake up at 6 AM on your day off. I also like to add our yearly vacation down to California on there. Mostly just so I can see it and get excited about it.

Community Events

Lots of events go on in my area on a weekly basis, most of them are even free! 5K’s, free kids meals At Chick-fil-A for dressing up like a cow, Easter egg hunts, trunk or treat, concerts and festivals. I always add these events to my calendar regardless of whether or not I actually plan on going just so I know my options if I happen to have some extra free time. Heres a bunch of Fun Activities to add to your Calendar

Tracking Gas

Call me a nerd if you want, but every time I get gas I had it on my calendar. I like to see how much I pay each time and how long in between fill ups. In the notes I put cost per gallon, how many gallons till full and total cost overall.

Bonus iPhone calendar features!

Share a calendar

Did you know that you can share a calendar with another person? You totally can! I have a shared one with my husband so he can add his training events and other appointments on there, it pops up right in my calendar.

Another shared calendar idea is sharing one with a friend for summer activities. A couple summers ago I had a shared calendar with a close friend that had all sorts of summer activities. Things like dollar movies at the theater, pool days, lake days, hike days, park days. We would load up the calendar with fun things to do with our kids since between us there was six.

Invite people to calendar event

Say I add dinner date on my shared calendar with my husband. I can then invite my babysitter to that event straight from the Calendar app. If I happen to change the time or date she can see it immediately.

Add events directly from Facebook to your iPhone calendar

Get invited to a birthday party on Facebook? On the right hand side of the page, there will be a … When you click on that it says add to calendar, it even includes a link directly to the Facebook event on your calendar event.

iPhone calendar event
Here is an Easter event added directly from Facebook to my iPhone calendar with two friends invited

Like to always stay on top of things? Check out this before school routine to keep your morning run smoother.

What am I missing?

Is there something on your iPhone calendar that I haven’t mentioned, let me know I’m always down to put more on my calendar!

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How to use your calendar in 2020 to make life run smoother. Calendar ideas to add to your iPhone calendar. Add movie nights, set reminders to get tasks done and schedule kids activities. #planner #activities #kids #calendar

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