Is a Roomba worth it?

Having a Roomba

I am all about spending more time with my kids and less time doing chores. That being said, I don’t know why it took me so long to finally buy my Roomba that I had been eyeballing for months. 

When Christmas rolled around a couple years ago I finally broke down and bought myself one. I ordered my Roomba and anxiously waited it’s arrival. When I told my husband, he just laughed and asked me why it took me so long to finally do it. You know, since I had been talking about it for months at this point. In the time that I was talking about it, I was researching different types of vacuums whether I wanted a Dyson stick vacuum, a Roomba or any other type of robot vacuum. 

I can’t even tell you how many YouTube review videos I watched, read up on stats and even got personal reviews from friends that already had bought one and had used it for a while. I finally ended up on the Roomba as opposed to other options because of it scheduling features. The fact that I don’t have to do anything and how easy it is to maintain were also selling points.

What it’s like owning a Roomba

You can schedule it once a day, which is so convenient! I schedule mine to go off at 8 o’clock every weekday. Just about a half an hour after I leave for work Every day. It does it’s thing and when I get home my house looks far better than when I left. How awesome is that, my vacuum is working while I’m at work. 

When I get home and at some point I empty the bin. I don’t know about everyone else but mine is always, always full. We have an Australian Shepherd, Baxter and a Shish Tsu Diamond. Baxter sheds a lot then there’s the kids who leave crumbs all over the kitchen. Me and my daughter shed a lot of hair and dirt gets tracked in all the time. Not to mention all of the sawdust my husband makes and tracks into the house since he is a carpenter. (that stuff is the bane of my existence) 

Cleaning the Roomba 

I would say that I clean hair my Roomba about once a week. You need to rinse the filter, and pop out both rotating brushes to get the stuff wrapped around them off. I use little nail scissors that I bought just for my Roomba to cut off anything that needs to be. The little wheel in the front pops out too. Hair tends to wind up around the sides so that gets cleaned out as well. Last but not least I unscrew the sweeper and get any hair that collected under there too. It sounds like a lot but really it takes less than five minutes. For the hour and a half of sweeping it does while I do nothing, I’d say it’s a great trade off.

After about a year of continuous daily use you will up needing a replacement set of accessories. Upkeep is very important as with all vacuums to keep them in great working order. Once I replaced the pieces it was like a brand new Roomba.

How well does it actually work?

For reference my house is a one story 1667 square-foot house with laminate floors. In about an hour and a half the whole house is all done. This included all four bedrooms and I have the basic model. It kind of roams on its own terms with no real path in mind. This doesn’t really bother me, I’m not the one doing anything after all. It works so well that when my dad came down to visit, by the time he left he had done his own research too and was ready to order one. Every time I talk to him on the phone he asks me again (two years later) if I still love my Roomba. He tells me how much his picks up, how surprised he is at the amount it picks up in his smaller apartment and how cool it is. 

My complaints

That I have to empty it after each time it has a cleaning session. But at the same time that means it did it’s job really well right? It’s literally for after every single cleaning session and sometimes I run it a couple times a day and it still catches more.

I just have the basic model and it doesn’t have mapping this means that roams your house like a chicken with its head cut off, no real rhyme or rhythm tooth cleaning. It also likes to be wherever you are especially when you’re doing the dishes. My husband gets annoyed with it since it likes to follow him around for whatever reason (probably all of the sawdust that he tracks in) The robot vacuum on Walle comes to mind often.

Best roomba

This also happens (eyeroll)

It likes to suck up socks and cords that are left on the floor. I know, duh. It is a vacuum. Once it sucks one of those items up it stops going which also, duh. I always make a point before I leave for work in the morning to get all of the cords and socks that my kids inevitably leave on the floor at least thrown onto the couch so the bottom feeder as my husband named him can get his job done.

Would I recommend a Roomba?

I would 1000% recommend it. Bottom feeder is hands down my favorite toy! I never thought as a kid that I would be this excited about a vacuum. He cleans for me every day without complaint, and all I have to do is a minimal maintenance.

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