The very best Apps to make money

There are so many different apps to make money out there. From grocery store apps, cashback on gas and even short survey videos. That means that there’s tons of opportunities to take it advantage of!
This list will be ever-growing. Whenever I find great apps to make money I will add them to the list, after using and testing them of course. I will only recommend the very best!

This post contains referral links to apps for your convenience.

Apps to make money


Dosh is a rebate app where you link your card and purchases made get you cash back each time! Every Friday at our house is pizza and a movie, I get cash back from Papa Johns every week and do nothing. They also offer $5 for referrals!!

Check out the Dosh app HERE

Apps to make money


Rebate app that allows you to get money back from purchasing items in their app. There are tons of products in there ranging from drinks to cosmetics. They run through different referral incentives regularly. Use code: av9ca to sign up

Check out Ibotta HERE


Another app to submit Your receipts for rebates, plus each referral is $2-$3 each depending on the promotion

Check the Fetch app out HERE

Apps to make money

Cash App

Cash App is a money transferring app that allows you to instantly pay someone or get paid. This one can also Be a money making app when you refer friends and familY. Each referral is $5

Check out the Cash App HERE

Apps to make money

Checkout 51

Another awesome rebate app. Not only do they have rebates on different food and necessity items but they now offer money back on gas! There’s also a referral incentive of $10 per person that submits their first receipt.

Check out the Checkout 51 App HERE


Guys, there’s another gas app where you can get money back on gas, this one can also be used with Checkout 51. Since it is just Your receipt that you submit. You can submit the same receipt to both different apps!

Check out GetUpside HERE and use code TALIA2655 for a bonus .15 back per gallon!!


If you do absolutely any shopping online you should 100% be going through Rakuten. You get a percentage back from hundreds of different online stores including Amazon, Walmart, Under Armor and more! they also offer an unheard of referral incentive of $25 per referral.

Check out Rakuten HERE

Apps to make money


The achievement app is awesome, the money comes in slower but you don’t have to do anything. It connects to any one of your exercising apps that tracks your steps. Once you get 10,000 points it automatically sends $10 to your PayPal account. Not a bad deal for just walking, you also get extra points for Your Apple Watch checking your heart rate if you have one, and every time you log an exercise. Plus get 100 points for reach referral.

Check out the Achievement app HERE


Fox Poppy is a survey app but it’s different from others in the sense that you make a selfie style video answering a question. Payments are through PayPal once you get to $15 and you get one dollar per referral! I’ve been doing this one for years it’s so easy and only takes a Minute, literally! Your video is going to be from 15 seconds to one minute.

Check out Voxpopme HERE


Robin Hood is a stock trading app. You can get a free stock just for signing up by using this link to the Robinhood app HERE. Every time you refer another person you get another bonus stock!

Do you know of any more apps to make money?

If you do let me know! I am always on the lookout for New apps to make money. There’s so many opportunities out there these days that I’d hate to miss one.

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