Backyard Activities for Kids

There are so many backyard activities for kids to do that y’all could spend all day out back. Whether you have a small backyard or acres check out these activities to keep your kids busy in your own backyard.


Kids absolutely love jumping on trampolines I don’t know why are used to be so against getting one. I thought it was one of those novelty items, you know where your kids play on it at someone else’s house but wont use their own.

I. Was. Wrong.

Then one Christmas my brother said he wanted to get something big for them. That same day I got an email for a trampoline it was on sale. I sucked it up, let him get it for them and I will absolutely never go back. Not only does it allow them to be able to go outside by themselves and give me a little peace and quiet. But it burns all of that energy that pent-up every second of the day.


Now I’m not saying get a huge in ground pool if you already have one. But we get an inflatable pool every year just big enough for the kids to have fun for a couple hours every day. The pool below is the one that we tend to get each year. It is small enough to be in the shade on our tiny patio but big enough that they all have enough space. (don’t judge the long grass box of trash in the back, I fixed it while they were swimming. Most of it anyways.)

Obstacle Course

We’ve been really into American ninja warrior so obstacle courses are big in our house. The kids love to use noodles, jump ropes, hula hoops and anything else they can get their hands on to create a new, different obstacle course each time.


Chalk, art but for outdoors. Bright colors, fun designs and lots of games. We like to draw very lengthy hopscotch games, a foursquare game area and just play tic-tac-toe. If you don’t have any chalk on hand and are ready to go try this Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint. It includes ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen including cornstarch, baking soda and food coloring. Not only do you get to have fun painting but it comes with a little science experiment on the side.

Here is another chalk idea kind of combined with the obstacle course idea from above. Create a Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course that has lots of jumping, twirling and jogging in place. Getting the kids out of the house and moving is fun for everyone involved.

Sprinkler Fun

There’s so many different fun sprinklers out nowadays but the options are endless. What is better on a hot day then to run through the sprinklers and then maybe have a popsicle after.


Watching and nurturing something grow is always a fun experience. We try to grow tomatoes every year, some years we’re successful and some years were not. But there’s always fun to be had.

If you’re not ready to venture into growing vegetables, you can always work with your kids and Get your Yard ready for Spring. Me and my 10yo redid our planter out front with amazing results. It was a lot of hard work and kept us busy for a long time but It was so worth it because it turned out amazing! And I loved getting to spend the time with her.


No matter how old you get blowing bubbles is still fun. Nowadays they have all sorts of different options, like DIY bubbles, bubbles don’t pop, giant bubble, bubble machines, scented bubbles and even edible bubbles.

Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are a great option because they can be totally customizable to the specific child. You can have an Animal Washing Station a Construction Zone with beans and sand or even a DIY Play Kitchen with water, soap and dishes.


I mean, you’ve got to eat anyways right? So why not bring the food outside with your picnic blanket or even a sheet would work just fine. Picnics Make a meal seem so much more fun.


PlayDoh at our house is most definitely an outdoor activity. Taking that mess outside makes the cleanup process just that much easier, it doesn’t it just seem like my fun bringing it outside. You can even incorporate using things you find outside to make impressions of things like sticks and leaves and rocks.

Tye-Dye Shirts

Tie-dying a shirt it’s so fun but it is absolutely messy. Last July for 4th of July me and the kids tie-dyed white shirts Red and blue. We had an absolute blast making our own tye-dye shirts that we got to wear on the big day.


we had a sandbox for years until my kids finally grew out of it. They’re fun because you can use them in different ways. Scatter tiny toys throughout for a scavenger hunt, add a little water to make sandcastles or dig holes and bury things.

Water Balloon Fight

Water balloon fights are completely nostalgic. I remember summers upon summers having red fingers from tying 1000 water balloons. Getting pegged in the back and then eating popsicles while picking up all the tiny trash pieces when we were done. If you’ve never had a water balloon fight with your kids you need to do it at least once. I can’t believe that those memories have lasted to this day.

Messy Experiments

Experiments are so much fun (even for me) but some of them can get super messy. Doing these type of experiments outside is probably the best option like this Backyard Volcano or trying to make ice cream looks like so much fun!


Cornhole it’s such a fun game! It can be modified for any age and skill level by moving it closer and further away. Even adults have fun playing cornhole. If you’re out familiar with the game, its essentially just tossing a beanbag in a board with a hole it it. Simple, but so fun!


February was Heart Health Month at our school and we did a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. We were challenged to jump rope every day and the kids got to earn ‘belts’ for amount of time jumping with the black belt being the highest at 5 minutes continuous jumping. We ended up ordering Jump Ropes from Amazon, like the exact ones they school uses and they’re perfect and super cheap! When ordering, to get the correct length measure to their arm pits then double. So if your child measures 3ft from ground to armpit double that 3×2=6 and get a 6ft jumprope.

Play with pets

Kids generally don’t need to be reminded to play with their pets, especially if you have a super hyper one like our Aussie Baxter. But sometimes we forget that we can teach them new things like fetching a tennis ball. Watch a few YouTube videos figure out what you can teach your dog and work on it together in your backyard.

Our Aussie Baxter


Get yourself a soccer ball, the last few years we have reduced a lot of the toys that we have to almost nothing. But, we always have a soccer ball. My kids have never been in organized sports But that doesn’t stop them from running around the backyard kicking a ball for hours on end.

Nerf War

Nerf guns are absolutely huge in my house, you’d think I have all boys but nope. The ringleader is my 10-year-old daughter. Even when they’ve run out of bullets from shooting them into neighbors yard, losing them or the dog eating them they still run around without ammo pretending.

What do you think about these backyard kids activities?

i’m sure you will find the perfect activity To do in your backyard with your kiddos, I hope this gave you a little bit of inspiration.

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