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Which SVG Subscription Plan is for me?

Compare SVG subscription plans with this comprehensive plan break down and pick the SVG Subscription plan that works best for you and your crafting style. #svg #cricut #silhouette #adhesivevinyl #htv #crafting #DIY

The best way to pick a subscription plan that works for you is to compare all of your options. I’ve collected every SVG subscription plan that I could find and included details about each plan. The Cricut Access subscription is not the only one out there to use with the Cricut. Silhouette Studio is not the only subscription to use with your Silhouette. There are move SVG subscription plans out there! Did I just blow your mind? Probably not. But, if you are new to the cutting machine game, you probably didn’t know that you can use any subscription service that you find, not only the ones geared towards your device.

Creative Fabrica SVG Subscription Plans

Creative Fabrica offers various different subscription plans for different types of designers. Their biggest, and main plan is the All Access plan.

Straight from the site it says plans include:

  • Commercial licenses on all downloads
  • Unlimited access to all subscription assets
  • Use fonts as webfonts
  • Free use in advertising (print & video)
  • Unlimited access to Full POD assets

The All Access plan includes:
fonts, crafts, graphics and embroidery 

Other plans offered are: 

  • Graphics Only 
  • Fonts Only 
  • Crafts Only
  • Fonts & Crafts 
  • Graphics & Crafts 
Font Banner - Free Fonts

Hot tip, Creative Fabrica even offers a new free font, SVG and craft every single day! And check out these other free SVG files for even more fun.


Crella is an all inclusive subscription. In their case this means that templates, SVGs, fonts, Clipart and graphics are all included. It is all under one flat subscription rate. All files available through the subscription or available for download instantly and come with a commercial use license.

With this SVG subscription you can cancel at any time and new content is added daily. Additionally there is no cap on downloads per month, it is unlimited.

Crella also offers freebies that are updated regularly. The Crella freebies also include the commercial use license.

Crella Subscription - 1,000s of fonts, graphics and more

Cricut Access

I’m going to add Cricut Access in here just to be thorough. The cool thing about the Cricut Access plan is that it is completely integrated into Design Space. There are 400 fonts. Including writing fonts (which are hard to come by) and over 100,000 files. The best part though is that when your subscription is active you get 10% off of supplies through their website. As well as free shipping over $50 and 10% off premium licensed fonts and files. On the flip side though if you ever cancel your subscription you then have to pay for each individual item.(even things you’ve created using their items)

If you’ve been comparing SVG Subscription plans and can’t decide which one to go with check this out! There are multiple SVG subscription websites out nowadays. Make sure you compare all plans to decide which one will work best with your DIY projects.
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Design Bundles/Font Bundles Membership

Design Bundles and Font Bundles are sister companies so their membership can be used with both websites interchangeably. This is different from a subscription in that you don’t just get access to everything they have for one price. This membership depending on the one that you get bronze, silver or gold gives you an amount of credits to make purchasing individual files and bundles significantly cheaper than they would be otherwise. As part of their membership they also offer a free files on a weekly basis as well as double points, bonus points and rewards.

To test it out you can get a one week free trial to see if this type of membership program as opposed to a subscription is the type of program for you.

Silhouette Design Studio

I am not very familiar with Design Studio but from my research It looks as if the plans are very similar to that of Font Bundles/Design Bundles where in you get credits so that you can get discounted files as opposed to having all access to everything.

Which SVG Subscription service would I recommend?

It would be a toss up between Crella and Creative Fabrica (All Access). Having all access to everything in their arsenal really speaks to me. It tells me that these companies are really behind you and are looking to help you create! Plus they both include a commercial use license which is amazing because that means that you can make things for yourself and sell some too with the same designs.

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