Best print and cut sticker paper to use with a Cricut

I absolutely love stickers. Yes, I am a grown woman child who loves stickers! You know, among other things like cartoons, coloring and crafts in general. Knowing this, I wanted to make sure I had the best print and cut sticker paper to make this happen.

Why Stickers?

I put stickers in my planner, stickers as reminders, and stickers for motivation, encouragement, Jar lids and even as rewards. 

Bitmoji Planner Stickers

After so got my Cricut, learned all of the ins and outs of it. I got brave enough to try making stickers. It is SO easy, let me tell you, please DO NOT let it intimidate you. So easy that I am constantly making them now for one reason or another. Like these Homemade jam jar lids

jam jar stickers

After some research reading reviews and getting some personal experience stories from a few people. I decided to NOT try the Cricut brand sticker paper. From what I heard once made the stickers are too thick to actually stick properly on anything. 

Best print and cut sticker paper

After hearing that, there were just too many different recommendations for print and cut sticker paper to go with. So, I took to Amazon to decide for myself. When looking up sticker paper on Amazon, something a little different popped up. Shipping label sticker paper. The reviews were great and people even mentioned using it for print and cut stickers! I was so excited when I found it  and since it was so affordable, I ordered immediately. 

The longest two days ever passed, and my box of 100 sheets of shipping label paper arrived. To describe it I’d say it’s thin, very sticky, good quality and absolutely perfect to make stickers with.  It definitely did not disappoint.

I started off just making stickers for my kids with their names on them. Alligators for Jensen, koalas for Hawk and Unicorns for my Leila. To say they were a hit would be an understatement! I am still finding their stickers on random things from when I first made them.

Funny thing though, I actually still use them as shipping labels too on occasion. When doing click and ship online and they are perfect for that too!

Cut Setting

With this sticker paper I use the Cricut setting “paper -” It took a lot of trial and error to get my Cricut blade to cut correctly, Since the paper is on the thinner side. This is the setting that worked for me. If this setting does not work for you try messing around with it before you start a big project!

If you need some free places to get images and fonts for your stickers check out my post here for Commercial Use free fonts, SVGs and clip art! It is updated with fresh files daily so check back often.

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